Creative Facebook covers to inspire you

If you stumbled upon this post it’s because you need a Facebook group cover design, and luckily for you, we have tons of those!

Using Seedtale is always a good choice if you want a clean and professional look, that’s why we have a repository of pre-set designs that you can use.

The question is: which design to use ?

Well, that’s entirely up to! You should choose a design that is representative of your company/brand, and if you like a design but would prefer a different image or color, it’s possible! Just pick which one you want from the facebook group covers area and customize it.

To help you decide, in this post, we have compiled multiple tips and examples for you to create the best group cover you can.

Keep it clean and simple

A polish and professional look is always a good idea, keeping it simple, just adding crucial  and minimalist information.

Use visuals to represent your business

People don’t want to lose time figuring out what your company is about, you should create a cover that is obvious, appealing and creative.

Promote events, sales, etc

You are using a social media! Take advantage of that to promote what you need, that being a product launch, sales, events…

Your Group cover is a small image but has a huge potential to promote your brand! It is the first thing that people see when open your Group so use to its full potential.

Follow to this link to better understand how to use Seedtale to create your perfect Facebook Group cover!

Jay Baer, the founder of Convince and Convert, said once “ Content is fire and social media is gasoline” and you can be sure that Seedtale offers the best content !

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