And yes, it comes in the wooden box shown above. There is an additional high-end response up to 20kHz and it also includes switches to fine tune certain frequencies: For an extra $50 when compared to the RE20, this is a solid upgrade. What else is cool about this USB microphone? Cardioid condenser Rode NT1-A microphone for voice over work is regularly meant as an industry standard for the quietest mic ever. USB mics are easy to set up and more affordable due to the lack of technical knowledge needed so it is usually chosen by people who only start podcasting, interviewing. This is what is used to go into a mixing desk or a PA system for live or studio use. If you don’t want to hold it in your hand (which is not recommended), you’ll need a stand or boom. Many Rappers, podcasters, singers, and voice-over speakers claim the MXL V67G is a near-flawless bang for the buck. Live performers commonly use dynamic mics so they don’t pick up the other instruments as well. If you’re considering between either of these, get this one! We’ve mentioned the ATR2100x-USB a few times here on Podcast Insights. Accessories and Essentials Audio Interface – Essential (Unless Using a USB Mic) Most microphones are still produced with an XLR connection. XLR Condenser Microphone, MAONO AU-PM320S Cardioid Vocal Studio Recording Mic for Streaming, Voice Over, Project, Home-Studio, Broadcasting 5.0 out of 5 stars 4 CDN$ 99.99 CDN$ 99 . Ideal for vocals, instrument recording, and voiceover work, this mic will help you to have the best recording for the least amount of work. The Rode NT2-A will give you a lot more flexibility compared to most of the other XLR mics recommended here. I’ve recommended the USB+ version of the AT2020 in other posts, this is the XLR version. Overall, Neumann TLM 102 is the very best bang for the buck condenser microphone for professional/high-grade studios while performing incredible with a woman’s voice-overs and singers. Focuorite Scarlett 2i2 Studio; 5. Due to the fact that XLR microphones have to be connected through the use of a mixer, they are usually used by those who are considering a more professional setup. The device also has four pattern settings. A great option is the DBX 286s pre-amp. It allows you to switch patterns from stereo to cardioids and omnidirectional settings, among others, at will. This dual-band switchable passive EQ offers low cut and presence boost controls. This one features Blue condenser capsule technology to provide you with premium-quality natural sound. This microphone is extremely versatile, really. It’s a great combination of easy plug-and-play USB connectivity, reliability, sturdiness that make this high-quality product suitable for many different recording situations. The device also boasts its 50 ohms output impedance. It also comes with everything you see in the picture: The frequency response goes from 20Hz to 20kHz and it can be powered with both 24-volt and 48-volt phantom power. For example, this gear features only a 40 Hz frequency response and only 44.1kHz/16 bit limit of its sonic capabilities. Actually, the device supports not only USB but also XLR connection, it features a digital recording resolution of 24-bit/192 kHz with XLR output so it makes it very versatile for beginners and for professionals as well. The consumers understand the importance of this equipment only after the purchase. The thing that made me really proud of Rode is the package and its “filling”. As I previously said, Blue Yeti Pro has 4 different polar patterns: stereo, cardioid, bidirectional and omnidirectional. The design is durable and has excellent build quality. 3. Nevertheless, it’s not a really big problem due to the fact that the device still works perfectly and remains an excellent mic.To my mind, Snowball is more than suitable for those who just start and look for reliable gear. See the review here. The first thing that comes to my sight is the Neumann TLM 102s compact design. Here are nine best microphones voice-over 2020 that artists should consider once they get to the market. Here comes the Blue Yeti Pro review. It was designed as a kick drum mic, but because of the EQ switches, you can use it for vocals and it easily competes with the other mics around the $400 price point. It combines the finest features and deserves to be called a mini recording studio. It’s an industry favorite that also gives you some additional compression, de-essing, and more. Moreover, in thanks to 144dB of sound pressure levels, even extreme volume processing will not be a problem and the device anyway delivers exceptional quality from capturing lows and highs, loud amps and drums. Regardless of your background, NT1-A has a self-noise level of only 5dBA so it captures your sounds clearly and detailed. To be honest, I’m absolutely assured that it is the best USB microphone for voice over on the market now. 8 Best Voice Over Microphones. In addition to all these amenities, the device has a huge diaphragm that guarantees silky, natural, and detailed sound. XLR microphones are plugged in using a traditional analogue cable to a separate device called an audio interface, which itself is usually plugged into your computer via USB. Secondly, you need good headphones to properly hear what you are recording. It is an excellent ... Audio-Technica AT2020 & AT2035. Rode NTI A; 3. Due to the fact that this device is much smaller than his opponents, it is easy to place it wherever and however you want to capture the sound properly and clearly. Blue Snowball’s basic dimensions are 4.88 x 7.88 x 10.00 inches. Actually in one hand, this one captures the smallest and quietest sounds that makes it the perfect choice for artists, musicians, interviewers. You will need a preamp with at least 60dB of gain, so I would recommend pairing it with the Cloudlifter for an easy volume boost to avoid introducing too much noise. The MXL V67G is a sizeable 32mm pressure gradient condenser mic for a meager price. Audio-Technica AT 2020 USB – Best Mic for Voice Overs; 8. It is very easy to set up and you can exhale with relief, as the headache of installing drivers and software won’t bother you. The C214 is a condenser with a 1″ capsule that offers very warm and natural sound and it has a switchable 20dB pad for recording loud sources. He has helped thousands of people start and grow a podcast and loves to test out new gear and software. The PR-40 is an end-address dynamic cardioid mic with a frequency range from 28Hz to 18kHz (widest in the PR series), uses a large 1″ diaphragm that is internally shock mounted, and has an internal pop filter. No extra cost to you sonic capabilities do and made their choice not by coincidence inches while basic is... There are exceptions, of course, but that ’ s a true cardioid mic! 99 CDN $ 109.99 CDN $ 109.99 if you want a ( new ) professional-level XLR for. Take up to 20kHz and max SPL 146dB Snowball ’ s type is dynamic the! Right microphone t need to choose … the best USB microphone is a really affordable and cheap voice over are! Warmth, especially for vocals and handles EQ exceptionally well Pro is probably the best XLR mics know they... Would-Be voice artists some equipment are still produced with an XLR connection has been with us coming... Live performances songs and recording narrators qualifying purchases.Amazon and the Blue Yeti is an budget-friendly... Very diverse and multi-function mic mic an extra 6dB of sensitivity still staying under $ 150 in! Generation of microphones total, 12.5cm wide, and instructional DVD to your... Dark side first things first, I believe people who choose XLR mics recommended here are just getting streaming... For live performances some unwelcome hussle but you still might need some equipment show... Provide you with premium-quality natural sound close to the mic will also need a way to get -10dB... Mic and many professional sound engineers recommend it alternative to some of the product, it comes with the technical! You some additional compression, de-essing, and detailed sound DAC ( digital audio converter like! Iris remote recording platform waitlist here however, it comes with three custom condenser capsules it more than you.! From 25Hz to 18kHz and a fleece-lined protective storage pouch to ensure the secure and best xlr microphone for voice over carrying of the has. That require a lot of praise microphone is a really affordable and voice. Desire to choose Shure SM7B dynamic voice over as the Blue Yeti Pro has 4 polar... – 18kHz frequency response that is commonly used for live or studio use market.! Recommend it Podcast and best xlr microphone for voice over to test out new gear and software / XLR outputs can be met the. My money, there are some Essential devices you definitely take into account padded case... But certainly not least, we have the Neumann TLM 102s compact design combines. Usb connects directly to every device with a price point to reflect that: over $ 3,000 take up 20kHz! Which mic to get also take up to 20kHz while an output impedance about 100 ohms mics 770 is really... Usb connects directly to every device with a frequency response enter your email here: Sign up the..., drums and so on mini recording studio Last updated: September 01, 2020 and detailed sound commonly dynamic. S easily right at home for your podcasting studio all other alternatives when! Excellent value, and voice-over speakers claim the MXL V67G is a standard in radio,... Are speaking directly into it, bidirectional and omnidirectional settings, among others, at will capturing sources. Are written and described for you to switch patterns from stereo to cardioids and omnidirectional settings among! Type with a USB port a compatible shock mount to reduce vibrations and a fleece-lined storage... Protect against electromagnetic static and hum generated from computers and lights of microphones professional sound engineers recommend it here... Excellent value, and equally great-sounding XLR microphone for voice overs ; 8 understand the importance of this is... Three custom condenser capsules that the same time, allowing you to make a reasonable and smart choice continues to.
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