But what’s the best Facebook Event image size?

Before you create your event you need to have a plan for it, meaning you need to have a description and the photo, here we can help. The correct Facebook event cover size is 1920px by 1080px, this is equivalent to an aspect ratio 16:9.

If your image is smaller Facebook will, by default, increase the size of it to fill the space. This can cause a loss in quality, if your event image is too wide or too tall Facebook will crop it to fit.

If you’re looking for an easy way to make a great event cover image Seedtale can assist you.

How to create a your perfect Event cover with Seedtale

With Seedtale it’s easy to create, it’s easy to customize and it’s easy to export your work.

1. After logging in just go on Design and choose Facebook.

2. Then choose the right tab.

3. Now you have dozens of pre-made designs for your choosing.

4. After choosing the preferred design just customize it, edit it to fit your idea.

5. Once you’re done just export it!

We even make it easier for you by letting our link here!

After you’re done creating your image just go on Facebook and give life to your event with outstanding visuals.

Creating a Facebook Event

What you first want to do when creating an event is navigate to the far-left menu on Facebook and find the Events tab. Once you’ve found the Events tab, you should then proceed to click + Create Event as directed by Facebook.

You will then be prompted to select the options of having either Public or Private event. Once you’ve selected that, a new window will appear for you to fill out the details for your Facebook Event.

1 – Upload the Facebook event cover photo that you just made using Seedtale.

2 – Choose your event name. Should be something that stands out.

3 – Write a Facebook event description so that your invites know what the event is about.

4 – Choose the right date and time for the event to start and for the event to end.

5 – Pick a location that is clear to those invited.

6 – If your event is public, select relevant keywords for tags so people can find your event.

Final notes

Creating a Facebook Event is that simple so don’t miss the opportunity to use it to your advantage. You don’t need to send physical invitations, everyone has Facebook and access to a public event. Facebook Events are important today, easy to share furniture international fairs, some kind of summit, and image is a very important deal. Just be creative on Seedtale! Beside Event cover we offer you a lot of other covers like LinkedIn Company covers and Youtube Channel Art e.g.

Empower your design experience!

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