Wanderlust travel advertising

Traveling is always a good idea, just like Hans Christian Andersen said “To Travel is to Live”. If you are a travelling agency or something of the sort you know that more than just a travel you are selling a dream, that means that your designs must be appealing.

Beautiful sights

Beautiful sight images are a must for travel designs. You should appeal to your clients desire to travel, and there is no better way than to show them what they are missing. The world is huge and full of amazing views, take advantage of that! Bet on the use of high-quality images, like the ones in Seedtale repository.


Tropical paradises

If you are advertising a tropical paradise use those leafy greens and if it’s an island use ocean blues ( take advantage of the trending colors). Using the currents trends on your advertisements will ensure that your business is up to date and on top of its game, which will attract more clients.

Use your designs to share info

You can also use designs to share important info such as an address, your social media, special items people should bring, etc. The design is yours to customize, help your company by sharing those important informations, these will also aid your clients by enabling them to do more research on you. 

Try different styles

If you are a travel blog or Youtube channel you can benefit from diverging from the typical travel agencies designs by using drawings and appealing titles. You really should try to differentiate yourself, this way you set yourself apart and are more easily recognizable by others.

Help your customers

Trips can be stressful, offer help with the planning and booking to get customers attention. Get clients by offering services others don’t have. Be unique!


If your business is travelling related you can count on Seedtale to provide the best designs. Remember, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” (by Augustine of Hippo).

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