What’s the importance of your Facebook Group cover?

Your Facebook Group cover image is stretched across your entire group page and it’s larger than the average page or profile photo. There are no ‘profile’ pictures here so this will be your shot to make a visual impact right away.


Your group cover photo will actually set the tone for your group and can convey what it is that you’re trying to achieve. A strong cover image gives more credibility to your group and tells people that you’re serious. Moreover, your group image is one of the only things people can see before being granted entry so you need to use to your full advantage. This cover image can also arouse interest in people to join.

The perfect Facebook group cover size

The perfect size is 1640px by 856px and these image dimensions give a 1.91:1 aspect ratio.

If you don’t use these exact dimensions, you could end up having your image cropped and have some of the information cut out.

Before you start creating a new cover it’s important to know the ideal size. Seedtale ensures that you can create at your will without worrying about it too much as we provide you with the guiding lines.

Best Practices for Facebook Group covers

Aside from using the right size there are some good practices you should follow when creating your cover.

Add Exposition

One purpose of your group cover is to get the attention of potential new members and get them interested. One of the ways to do that is to add text that explains the purpose of your group.

‘A community for freelancers, artists and entrepreneurs’

The image explains exactly what’s the purpose of this group.

Use clean, high-quality images

In this example they do list the group name, with the only real image being a dog practically grinning on a pile of toys. Since this is everything the company and its customers could ever dream of, it’s a simple image that’s incredibly effective. It’s a high quality image, too, and it looks clean and well-organized. All the white space in the image works in favor of the image instead of against it.

Include visible branding when possible

If you have a Facebook group that is connected with your business make sure that’s clear in the cover image.

Some business have a their logo as part of their cover.

AdEspresso does that by using their AdEspresso man which is recognizable by their customers.

You can be more subtle too.

This cover image from FightCamp community doesn’t have a big logo on the center or text descriptions but does have a black text ‘FIGHT’ on white background that stands out. as long as your followers know it’s you and what’s the point of the group you’re set.

How to create a Facebook Group covers with Seedtale

Creating Facebook group covers is easy with Seedtale’s fully customizable designs accessible to you.

To make it simple Seedtale organizes into separate social media platforms.

1. Once you choose Facebook tab you just click on the desired cover type you want.


2. From here you can access dozens of different designs that are fully customizable to your liking.


3. From here on out you can do your work at your pace

4. Final step is to export your work. Just click in ‘Export’ and choose the preferred image extension. It will download it as an image and then you can upload it to your Facebook group.

Express your creativity! Head to our website and get your work done!

Final notes

The covers you choose for your Facebook Group will be one of the first thing that potential clients notice and can say a lot about the group. It’s important as it can set the image for your business.

When you’re creating your cover photo, keep in mind that simple graphics can have great results, and that the cover photo should encompass what the group itself is. Use our best practices, and as always, make sure you’re using the perfect Facebook group cover photo size so no unfortunate cropping happens. We at Seedtale offer you a lot more than group covers, check our blog on Facebook Posts and Facebook Page covers. We provide you too with a lot of other designs that you can customize. Just go to our blog to know more!

Empower your design experience! 

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