Choosing the size might seem unimportant but just like you don’t want a bad quality image, you shouldn’t have a wrong sized one either.

The correct size for a Landscape Ad is 1080px by 566px, and luckily for you, our designs already come with the right sizing.

How to make it

With Seedtale you can make your Landscape Ad just the way you picture it without much struggle. Our way is the easiest and fastest, you don’t need to be an expert to make your post look clean and professional.

You don’t even have to go through the headache of making everything yourself, with Seedtale you can choose a customizable, pre-sized Instagram Landscape Ad template. You can find them in the Instagram design area just by clicking in the “Instagram landscape ad” link.

Just with a quick 5 minutes and you are done !

Here is a step by step

1. Start by going to the Instagram area and clicking on the Instagram landscape ad option.

2. You can choose a design, all of them are customizable.

3. The designs are entirely customizable. You can swap out stock photos, and add in (or eliminate) both design elements like shapes and graphics, and text.

4. When you are happy with what you created you can view how it would look like on desktop by clicking on the monitor icon.

To make it even easier for you just follow through the link!

How to pick a design

The options are endless. You should choose a design that represents your brand and yourself. A vibrant but polished landscape ad post is the best.  

If you are the face of the business, you can benefit from using a picture of you in your landscape ad, since it will make users connect and relate more, thus so boosting your business.

As you can see, the landscape ad post you choose is very important, the way you portrait your business will have an impact on it.

Do’s and Dont’s

You need to bear in mind that Instagram is accessible to all, and though that is good for business, it also means that there are a few practises you should keep in mind to have a strong ad, representative of your business.

 -Utilize whitespace

If you’re using graphics or a designed image of any type, use whitespace (or negative space) to your advantage. This helps keep your landscape ad looking clean and organized. This gives it that high-quality look professional images have.

No one will like your landscape ad  if it looks cluttered, you want to be able to draw the users attention to your ad, so that they be curious about your products/ brand and be interested in using them.

 – Use quality images

Whatever you want to show your followers. it should have quality. In Seedtale you can find a whole image stock with the best quality possibly, and if you want to upload your own image you can as well and just edit it to your liking. We have plenty tools to make your landscape ad the best one in the market.

– Make a clean, simple design

A clean and simple design is easier to do, to be recognized and overall prettier.

Take our website as an example, when you go to see the templates you find a simple layout so that the user won’t feel overwhelmed.

Final thoughts

Instagram is a very visual social media, so what you post is of the utmost importance. Your Landscape Ads should be entertaining for the viewers and make them act quickly, make them want your product or use your brand. Thanks to Seedtale you have the opportunity to make your own ad without trouble in a very easy and efficient way. 

Don’t forget to post frequently! You can come back to Seedtale anytime you want and create a new landscape ad. If you’re looking for other kind of Instagram Post we have other blogs on them. Just go to our Social Media post and learn how to get the most out of your social networks.

Empower your design experience!

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