How to use Instagram as a marketing tool?

Instagram has become so much more than just a platform where you share pictures. Currently social networks have become an important mean of communication for the consumer to know details of a company or brand.

With this post you can learn why IG is the best social media to advertise your business.

Now the question is, how do I use it?

Firstly you need an account, you should create a business account, since there are some perks you can only get access to this way, then start by showing your followers in a creative but obvious way what your business is all about.

You can use your Instagram to announce upcoming product launches (i.e on your stories). Use it for marketing campaigns! Let your company’s IG be your oyster, and use Seedtale editing tools to make your job faster and easier.

Create an aesthetic.

A polished feed will always attract more followers than a cluttered one, and this isn’t hard to achieve. If you chose a color scheme (i.e your company colors or logo) it will make for a creative and aesthetically pleasing profile.

Don’t forget that your IG has a bio! You have 150 characters, use them to share important links or info or even to share your other social media. When you have a business account, you also have the option to choose the category your company fits, write its location and a way to contact the company ( e-mail, phone number, etc). These little bits of information are very important for a business.

We know that Instagram’s profile pic is not that big, however it’s important to choose the right image, due to the fact that when people search your company’s name, the profile pic it shows might be the difference into gaining or losing a client. The most simple and easy choice is to use your company’s logo or its name, with the business colors, you don’t even need to hire a graphic designer, with Seedtale you can edit the picture yourself and make it look professional.

Make sure you create an account your targeted audience will enjoy. You need to conjugate your feed with your profile pic and bio, so they all look cohesive. Remember that first impressions count the most, it takes just a few seconds to win or lose a client and it’s all in the profile you show them.

Seedtale has designs for whatever aesthetic you choose, or whatever you want to promote, and they are all customizable as you can see for yourself here!

Check more Instagram templates on our platform!

Give your brand a personality!

You must never forget that there are real people on the other side, you should connect with them. Open your DM’s, establish a timetable for people to send you feedback (but don’t let it consume you, make it very organized), share stories of your company workers, celebrate your brand achievements and never forget to interact with your followers.

Your brand personality should be influenced by the targeted audience you selected. The way you speak on the web and the things you post should go along the company policy and please your followers, although Instagram can let you have a more relaxed relation with your clients, never forget that you’re representing a brand.

Keep track of your progress!

When you use hashtags, location tags, internal tags that means that when someone searches for that word your posts will appear with all the others that used the same tags. All you need to do is to set a difference between your post and everyone else’s, you can do this by using Seedtale and making sure all your posts look like a graphic designer made them.

Instagram has free marketing tools so you can keep up with how your account is doing and how others are responding to it. Adapt your strategy to your results. Instagram insights gives you all the information you need, from who discovers your profile to when your followers are more active. There’s no better way to keep track of how your business account is performing.

Plan smart, plan ahead!

Try to keep your Instagram updated, it’s easier to do so if you plan your content ahead. With Seedtale you can make stories, posts and ads in a couple minutes, export them and save them for when you need to post something.

A smart thing to do is find the best schedule for your posts, see when your followers are more active and will see that you’re posting, this might be a particular day of the week or even specific hours. You need to know your audience, what social group are they in, where they live (be aware of the time-zones).

Take advantage of your business account and use it to get all the information you need to post at the right time. You can also do experiments yourself with various hours and days of the week to see what works best. if you realize that the best time is actually one that you’re not working you can schedule your posts to go live at that certain hour.

Don’t get stuck, change is evolution!

Right now, Instagram is ruled by Influencers, you can up your game by doing partnerships with them. Partnering with the right Influencer can get you the visibility you want and need.Choose someone with a similar audience, and that makes sense to associate with your brand.

You can’t always rely in normal, boring, posts. Switch it up, do contests on your stories, use what IG has to offer you ( polls, simple questions, countdowns and now you can even join a conversation), start advertising… There’s so much you can do !

Final thoughts

If you are attentive to the behavior of your audience, keep interacting with them in a humanized way and gain their trust by offering content that has to do with your audience, then your account will grow more and more each day. You will see your community increase and your sales sky rocket!

To obtain this results, you can count with Seedtale designs, click here.

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