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Everything has a color and some people unconsciously ignore its meaning but it is intriguing how it affects social media branding, reaching deep levels when it comes to marketing strategies. 

The color chosen by a company to represent their brand will always have an effect on the audience, can affect the mood, evoke feelings, sensations and behavior.

In this post we are going to cover Blue. So, what comes to your mind when you think of the color Blue? Sky? Water? Calmness? Sunbathing in a quiet lake? Blue is sign of consistency and dependability, like the sky, it will always be there. It strengthens and brings harmony to both mind and body and helps build loyalty

Blue Psychology

Blue is a favorite color among corporate business, expressing trust, reliability and dependability it helps build loyalty. Being a cool, calmer color is used as a reducer of fear and tension since physiologically it can reduce the pulse rate. Just like the sky, it creates the impression of space. Colors have a different meaning in business than in general.

Blue’s positivity

> Loyal, trusting and honest;

> Tactful, caring and concerned;

> Reliable and responsible;

> Conservative, persevering, idealistic and orderly;

> Authoritative, devoted and contemplative;

> Peaceful and calm;

These are all positive qualities of the blue color, however, like anything else there must be a balance, hence it has negative traits.

Blue’s negativity

> Rigid, deceitful and spiteful;

> Self-righteous, superstitious and emotionally unstable;

> Too conservative, predictable and weak;

> Unforgiving and frigid;

> Manipulative, unfaithful and distrustful;

Blue’s variations

But this is not everything there is to say about the color blue, different variations, have different connotations.

Sky Blue – calm, selfless and helpful (#8dc7ef)
Pale Blue – creativity, freedom and inspiration (#6ed5fe)
Azure Blue – determined, purposeful and ambitious (#0170a5)
Dark Blue – responsible, serious and knowledgeable (#010c44)
Teal – sophisticated, trustful and spiritual (#018683)
Turquoise – clarity, harmony and self-expression (#3ee1e0)
World’s different meanings of blue

One other thing that you must take into account when choosing the color is the region of the world where you are going to make your advertisements.

> North America – it’s highly associated with liberalism and in the Cherokee culture it means defeat and trouble;

> Latin America – it’s associated with mourning, trust and serenity;

> Egypt – it is the color of virtue and protection and it is thought it wards off evil;

> India – it’s the color of Lord Krishna and the national sports color;

> Thailand – blue is the color of Friday;

> China – it represents immortality and is known to be a feminine color;

Blue color good examples

We couldn’t let these examples out of this post

> Communication

Related with trust and honesty, blue is commonly associated with communications. Therefore is a popular choice for both online and offline communications companies.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are good examples of blue’s good use.

> Calming

New technologies create stress in the consumer so many technology companies use the blue calming sensation.

IBM, Samsung and Intel, very recognized brands and make very good use of the blue color.

> Trusting

Consumers have grown skeptical and lack trust in financial institutions and there is a lot of stories and scandals surrounding the finance world. That being said, many companies use blue to inspire confidence in the consumers.

Visa, American Express and Philips are some examples.

> Reliable

Being highly associated with responsibility and reliability is very regarded in the insurance business.

Some examples are Zurich, Allstate and Blueshield.

“Blue has no dimensions, it is beyond” – Yves Klein
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