Choosing the size might seem unimportant but having a right sized thumbnail is crucial because you want a larger image size that can be scaled down, instead of a small size that will be scaled up.

According to Google recommendations your image should be 1280px by 720px. A ratio of 16:9 is ideal as it’s used most often in YouTube players and previews.

Some other important technical details include:

  • It must be in .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, or .PNG image formats

  • Your image file must be under the 2MB limit

How to make it

With Seedtale you can make your thumbnail just the way you picture it without much struggle. Our way is the easiest and fastest, you don’t need to be an expert to make it look clean and professional.

You don’t even have to go through the headache of making everything yourself, with Seedtale you can choose a customizable, pre-sized thumbnail template. You can find them in the Youtube design area just by clicking in the “Youtube thumbnail” link.

Just with a quick 5 minutes and you are done !

Here is a step by step

1. Start by going to the Youtube area and clicking on the thumbnail option.

2. You can choose a design, all of them are customizable.

3. The designs are entirely customizable. You can swap out stock photos, and add in (or eliminate) both design elements like shapes and graphics, and text.

4.When you are happy with what you create you can view how it would look like on desktop by clicking on the monitor icon.

Start now!

How to pick a design

The options are endless. Most businesses let Youtube just pull a random image from the video. You can make a difference by using Seedtale to create a thumbnail that will draw users to your video. The Thumbnail is like marketing, you want to call users attention, so you get more views. 

With that being said, you can then choose how you want your design to be. Some businesses will make a thumbnail with the their name and/ or logo and a flashy title, for a clean finish but that still catches the eye.

Another option Is to use a still image from the video itself and then use Seedtale to add text or graphics.

As you can see, the Thumbnail you choose is very important. The way you portrait your business will have an impact on it. You can use your thumbnails as a marketing move, and with Seedtale it only takes a minute!

Do’s and Dont’s

You need to bear in mind that Youtube is accessible to all, and though that is good for business, it also means that there are a few practises you should keep in mind to have a strong thumbnail, representative of your business.

– Take still images

When it comes to your business you shouldn’t take risks, letting Youtube pull up a random picture may be dangerous, specially if it ends up being a embarrassing image of you.

Taking the time to pose, it’s a quick way to ensure that you will look your best in the thumbnail, and then you can use Seedtale to customize it to your liking.

-Use contrasting colors

Choosing the right colors is fast way to ensure your thumbnail will catch the eye of the user. You want to make sure that your thumbnail pops, but still looks clean and professional.

Seedtale templates already look their best, but you can change whatever you want and make it your way. Seedtale is all about letting the user set their creativity free in a easy, quick way.

-Utilize whitespace

If you’re using graphics or a designed image of any type, use whitespace (or negative space) to your advantage. This helps keep your thumbnail looking clean and organized and gives it that high-quality look professional images have.

No one will click in your video if it looks cluttered, you want to be able to draw the users attention to a specific point that will lead them to watch your video.

– Use the right sizing and grammar on your text

The worst thing that could happen is having a word misspelled, or not even being able to read the text. It’s important not to have your text too small,  use proper grammar and not to clickbait.

Final thoughts

Nowadays Youtube is such an important platform for businesses, big and small, the thumbnail you choose should stand out to users and be credible. The Thumbnail is always the first impression and it can make a difference if someone clicks on your video or on your rivals’.

Thanks to Seedtale you have the opportunity to make your own thumbnail without trouble in a very easy and efficient way. Don’t just design your thumbnail, we provide you with Channel Art and End Screen designs too!

Empower your design experience!

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