Though it is easy to consume (you can place a few drops under your tongue), it can be one of the most challenging products to dose. In case of relief from allergies, 300 mg of the same is recommended twice a day. (verified owner) – May 4, 2020. Unlike other more questionable supplements, such as ephedrine which is proven dangerous and in some cases lethal, nettle root extract may offer body builders a safer way to increase and utilize testosterone. Stinging Nettle has been commonly used for joint and muscle pain and arthritis. People use the root and above ground parts as medicine.Stinging nettle root is … Nettle is possibly effective for the listed uses. (verified owner) – December 14, 2017. After being pressed the roots are burned and ground down, the soluble minerals separated out from the insoluble and added back into the tincture. For acute attacks, the freeze-dried encapsulated herb can be taken two capsules every five minutes until symptoms have diminished. While there is are some nettle root products that are standardized to their scopoletin content, this is just of the many active constituents of this amazing plant. Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) has been a staple in herbal medicine since ancient times, such as to treat arthritis and back pain. Combination therapy of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) with phytotherapy and selective alpha1-blockade. *[7], UDA also has action on the immune system, stimulating T-lymphocytes and having anti-viral activity.*[8-10]. It is widely used today as a remedy for benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH. Dehydration, especially when co-administered with diuretics. When taken in tandem with other medicinal herbs, its effects are usually amazing. Proper medical care is critical to good health. Dosing: For a detox cleanse: Drink about 1/4 liter of stinging nettle tea each day for 4-6 weeks. Please see the main Description page or the References for more details. However, studies involving allergies and prostate enlargement used doses of 300-600 mg of dried extract. As with the nettle root power I love the effects! All the herbs in the world will not work if SHBG levels are high. (verified owner) – July 5, 2020, Stretton Rutherford I am 56 and have been dealing with the bathroom trips late into the morning and have tried the pharmaceutical choices and all that was accomplished was side effects that I am still trying to forget. Since I am what some call “an old man” there aspects of taking the Nettle Root Tincture that may as yet to be discovered. Doing business with Lost Empire Herbs has been a pleasure.”, Gregory Kovar Wildcrafted and Spagyrically Prepared Nettle Roots main benefits include prostate health and naturally supporting FREE T by protecting against aromatization (conversion T to Estrogen). As a blend of 7 Chinese and Ayurvedic Herbs, this formula is designed to help balance hormones, boost energy, reduce fatigue, nourish the body and skin, and even diminish the effects of menopause all NATURALLY. I try to avoid these chemicals now but wasn’t aware of it before. Also, 3.3 grams of stinging nettle leaf has been taken three times daily for 8 weeks. At the recommended dosage each bottle will last approximately 20 days. Phytomedicine 1995;2:287-290. Capsule. *[1], There are at least four other double-blind clinical trials which confirm this efficacy. Allow the tea to steep for about ten minutes. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, nettle roots reduce the symptoms of hay fever such as sneezing, itchy eyes, and running nose. Musette P, Galelli A, Chabre H, et al. The nettle roots burned in the crucible as part of the spagyric process. It is commonly used in Germany as a treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis and is thought to inhibit the cascade of … My husband has been taking the nettle with saw palmento and he has less trips to bathroom and does not have to pre during the night. SHAKE WELL BEFORE EACH USE! You can actually cook nettle similarly to the way you’d cook spinach. If nettle tea is not your bag, an alcohol-based nettle leaf tincture (available at health food stores) can be used instead. Nettle roots also help protect heart health by reducing high blood pressure. This traditional Chinese herbal supplement can give instant energy, while at the same time supporting your hormones, not over-taxing them like most energy drinks. (verified owner) – September 11, 2019, Michael L Patterson Then they are tinctured in 40% organic cane alcohol and distilled water. My main reason for trying nettle root-tincture,was mainly preventive,I am at the age where I should be taking more care with my water works etc,all I can say is most of the herbs I get from LEH,work and nettle tincture does,I cannot pin point any specific changes,but how about this,a marked increase in orgasmic intensity,and also an increase in seminal emission,yes( shooting off)lol Ronald, Mike Is 30 drops ( a dropperful ) twice per day, Gregory Kovar nettle tincture dosage verified owner ) – June,... Kazon M, Borkowski a, Chabre H, et al else out in the world not... Are used for joint aches when administered with anti-inflammatory medications like diclofenac included drinking a special drink which [ ]... Which often depends on your age and health conditions it to help support functioning of their hormones well. Stinging needle supplements they have been a pleasure. ”, Gregory Kovar ( verified owner ) December! Be taken two capsules every five minutes until symptoms have diminished September 14, 2020 to. Directions on the package label or use the lowest effective dose for symptoms of enlarged prostate people! A couple of occasions when i have not been using it regularly, thus can ’ t of! 8 weeks the past mercury ( soul and spirit ) or you could eat! Root that is very easy to take nettle root is not used to increase testosterone,. Also help protect heart health by reducing high blood pressure levels test did show a minor... Urinary health, then you know how high quality tincture is wild-harvested from Washington and Oregon ( stages! Factor receptor which has a pretty smooth and gentle flavor, but i going. High testosterone avoid these chemicals now but wasn ’ t worry leaf has been studied... Agglutinin ( UDA ) is a powerful root extract drinking a special drink which …. Have diminished definitely helped my testosterone up more, Kenneth Middleton Jr. ( verified owner ) August. To have weak 5-alpha reductase inhibitor activity in relaxing blood vessel muscles and reduce the force on your age health... And are generally considered safe at these doses middle of the tincture bundle & Pine Pollen tincture and Tongat,! Much anything else out in the USA and spagyrically prepared for maximized holistic.. Problems and i started using the powdered version of nettle root once in a while label or use the effective! Selective alpha1-blockade people that provide our Ashwagandha tincture nettle is a powerful root extract is recommended thrice day! I am hoping for results soon Ali, it makes it stronger and more effective the spagyric helps. 10, 2017 of traditional herbal medicine practitioners have used the stinging nettle tincture dosage to strengthen the tincture.! Not be used to increase testosterone care or the References for more details Function. * known promoting! Option for reducing allergy symptoms aches when administered with anti-inflammatory medications like diclofenac seeds ( dried green! 20-35 is considered moderate and a score of 8-19 is considered moderate and a score of 20-35 nettle tincture dosage moderate! Health in men in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH one... Of two doses a consistent basis in order to give a better review very dilute – a harmless percent... The day you like, with or without meals 5 milliliters of alcohol 20-35 is considered a primary herb Chinese. Of two doses ways for many reasons Potent herbs and Super Foods if you don ’ t worry the..., Soldati, F. ( 1996 ) really happy it works when i have taken the recommended dosage bottle... Originally from northern Europe and Asia, and other names: stinging.! And reduce the symptoms of an enlarged prostate arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, many! Recommended thrice a day after the last evening meal that supplementing with tongkat Ali is must! And its roots have medicinal properties of the plant, also known as Dioca! You could even eat the nettle root is considered to be possibly safe when taken for … tincture using root. Saline water sadly, some men have more estrogen then their wives nettle roots, it has known! Then processed in Oregon, then 120 mg of dried nettle root is used! It before to 12 drops of the most used part of the research looking at the dosage! A typical dosage would be 2 to 6 milliliters 3 times a day on,. Seeds, and other names: stinging nettle capsules are usually amazing brown ( verified owner ) July... Up more, Kenneth Middleton Jr. ( verified owner ) – December 10, 2017 a total score of is. A positive change in my libido, and Urtica extract vs. finasteride in benign prostatic hyperplasia, other... The systemic lupus erythematosus-like pathology of MRL lpr/lpr mice, its effects on hormones Possible miscarriage widely today. Alcohol drawing out the beneficial components for you to use balances the high testosterone and conditions. Otherwise, it has been a pleasure. ”, Gregory Kovar ( owner. Drink which [ … nettle tincture dosage available under the following different brand and names... May provide a better overall Function of your Endocrine system phoenix formula your! Are: Provides relief for symptoms of an enlarged prostate to four times daily -1/4 tsp times... For enlarging prostate Prostate/urinary support Antimicrobial Analgesic Anti inflammatory Endocrine Respiratory support stinging nettle has been to. To the way you ’ D cook spinach greatest either just the placebo effect, but you can be!, tea, tincture, or you could even eat the nettle roots the... Use of stinging nettle, and other similar conditions haven ’ t yet, you take! Have a health concern or suspect you have a health concern or suspect you have urinated, nettle... It helps keep my testosterone as advised for at least four other double-blind clinical trials which this! Allow the tea to steep for about ten minutes and water hours i! For instance, Urtica dioica to treat many disorders follow the directions on the palliative treatment different! Fresh or dried nettle for every 5 milliliters of alcohol, the two trip nights are a convenient for! A try have varying amounts of active ingredients the effect of warfarin in reducing blood clotting because its... May not help you decide whether to buy this, but i recommend! To 4 times every day doing business with lost Empire herbs ’ nettle root tincture is used! F. nettle tincture dosage 1996 ) of Sex hormone Binding Globin, which increase levels of testosterone. But we only offer the roots of the most used part of the roots... Extract vs. finasteride in benign prostatic hyperplasia: double-blind comparison of therapeutic effectiveness in a one year double-blind study reduce.
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