Social media marketing is different than just regular use, nowadays it can be used as a tool for your business. The internet community can help you increase your sales, aid with the launching of a new product and even with connecting more with your clients.
Having good products to sell is important, but good presentation is a shortcut to boost your sales. Our website is the easiest and simplest way to achieve the ideal design to your business. In this post you can find all you need to know.


Every banner, story, header, cover, etc, has a different size, for example you want your Instagram Post to be 1080px by 1080px but if it’s a Facebook Post it needs to be 1200px by 900px. That’s why Seedtale offers pre-made templates that already come with the right sizes.

Etsy big banner 3360 x 840
Instagram Story 1080 x 1920
Facebook post 1200 x 900
LinkedIn Company cover 1536 x 768

Designs on desktop vs mobile

Since the image is displayed differently on mobile and desktop, you need to be careful when choosing your design. However, we have safe zones that will help you create a design to display properly on both devices.

That being said, we recommend using the indicated sizes on our pre-made templates and designing within the safe zones. This will ensure that none of the critical components of your image are getting cut off on mobile devices or on desktop.

How to make the ideal design for your business

With Seedtale you can make your design just the way you picture it without much struggle. Our way is the easiest and fastest, you don’t need to be an expert to make it look clean and professional.

You don’t even have to go through the headache of making everything yourself, with Seedtale you can choose a customizable, pre-sized banner, cover, post, etc template. You can find them in the design area and choose the social media you want to promote your business on.

Just with a quick 5 minutes and you are done !

Here is step by step

1. Click on Social Media you want to start with the perfect image dimensions.

2. Choose from a variety of preset templates and customize to your liking.

3. Change the background, text, graphics, all you want, until you end up with an ad that you like.

4. Export your new ad and upload it to your Social Media account. It will look so good, users will think it was professionally made!

We cover an entire variety of Social Media. Join Seedtale and start designing!

Do’s and Dont’s

You need to bear in mind that Social Media is accessible to all, and though that is good for business, it also means that there are a few practises you should keep in mind to have a strong banner, representative of your business.

 –Be obvious

When someone stumbles upon your profile, you want them to be able to recognize right away what is that you are selling. Showing your products in a neat and appealing way will make the user interested in your product even if they weren’t before.

 – Use the write sizing and grammar on your text

The worst thing that could happen is having a word misspelled, or not even being able to read the text. It’s important not to have your text too small and to use proper grammar.

You should try as well not to place any important info in those spaces that we know that won’t show when you upload the banner.

– Make a clean, simple design

A clean and simple design is easier to do and overall prettier.

 -Use whitespace

If you’re using graphics or a designed image of any type, use whitespace (or negative space) to your advantage. This helps keep your landscape ad looking clean and organized. This gives it that high-quality look professional images have.

 – Use quality images

Whatever you want to show your followers. it should have quality. In Seedtale you can find a whole image stock with the best quality possibly, and if you want to upload your own image you can as well and just edit it to your liking. We have plenty tools to make your landscape ad the best one in the market.

Final thoughts

Using the best resources possible will build the social presence and reputation that you want to create for your business.

Some amazing images will just be made from graphics. Others will use actual photographs. Whichever you choose, there are plenty of resources you can pull images from if you don’t have a high-quality image that you’ve taken yourself(like our library image stock).

User generated content, which is free and often available in abundance. Some UGC is extremely high quality, and many users would be honoured if you used it as part of your image.

Thanks to Seedtale you have the opportunity to make your own design without trouble in a very easy and efficient way. Don’t forget to change it, once in a while, you can come back to Seedtale anytime you want and create a new one. Check the rest of our ‘Academy‘!

Empower your design experience!



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