Marketing, nowadays, is a much more visual tool than a few years ago. People don’t want to pay attention to tons of text, they just won’t read it or get bored and images have a more appealing sense to them. With a good color scheme you can draw a lot of attention to your business and the best images can keep readers on your website.

Images have a great importance today, being it figuratively or literally. Seedtale can help you there by providing a great experience in creating perfect designs for your company to use on your websites, social media and advertisement campaigns improving your company image. 

Why is your blog imagery important? 

We live in a world of first impressions, and you have to impress if you want to keep readers in your blog.

The first image readers come across is the header, it can be the most important image and at the same time the most underrated. In fact, it can be super simple and still draw lots of attention to it. 


Your header can set the tone for the rest of the blog, if it’s a fun and creative go fun and creative on the header, if you have a serious blog you need to choose more carefully and be more serious on the header.

You can choose to only display your brand name or logo, or you can opt for more elaborate and intricate designs with graphics and photos.

One way or another you must make sure it will represent your blog well.

Another tip you can follow is to add a little description of what your blog is all about, this will give readers an idea of what to expect.

General sizing

Seedtale already has a pre-sized design to be easy for you to create your design. Our designs start at 840px by 400px. Different websites and blogs require different size images but tend to keep the same aspect ratio. We recommend keeping this size, however if you want a bigger image it is possible to due to the resize magik available in Seedtale.


Being it illustrations or photos you have to make sure it’s good quality. Between mediocre imagery or nothing? Choose nothing. However, in Seedtale you won’t have that problem as we provide you with a large repository of amazing graphics and photos you can use for any design you want. Furthermore you won’t need any designing program nor any kind of Photoshop.

Yes, with Seedtale is that easy!

Some tips for the imagery you can include in your designs is to use graphics and elements that relate to your business, industry and blog and choose a font accordingly, be creative not messy.

How much text?

About the text that might go into your header, go easy on it. Don’t insert huge chunks of text and choose a font that matches the style of the photos, graphics or elements you inserted in your header. 

Keep your personality

Be faithful to your brand personality too, don’t diverge from the image you want to pass and insert branding, this makes it easier for readers to identify your brand on other Social Media and advertisements. 

Connecting everything and maintaining the personality can give your brand a good visibility.

Does it matter that much?

Your header can be the difference between success and failure. It can captivate readers interest and trap them in your site or blog so it’s very important you present yourself right and give the readers a positive first impression of you.

Start creating with Seedtale

Do you already have an draft and are ready to start? Then go on Seedtale and set your creativity free.

Do you need some inspiration or some tips on colors, fonts, or even on how to better use Seedtale site? You can visit our Academy then.

Seedtale creation process

Start by going to Seedtale and login into your account. You don’t have an account? it just takes a minute to register in Seedtale.

After being logged in go on “Market” and browse the different categories looking for the one you want.

After choosing the right template start editing and customizing the elements or even add new ones, you’re free to do your own designs. There is an option to save your design in your Seedtale “Projects”, this makes it easier for you to pick up your project and edit it later, or just for you to keep the editable file. Once you’re satisfied with your design just export it and start using it for your business and watch as it grows.  

Final Thoughts

Seedtale offers you quite liberty in creating and we want you to have the best designing experience possible without having to buy complex designing programs. You can create and express your ideas without having to hire designers and have your idea distorted.

Nowadays the image you portrait is very important and having great designs can help you pass a clean and professional image, with Seedtale you can achieve this without much effort.