Ready for the new 2019 Twitter layout, 7 years later?

A few days ago, Twitter officially changed its layout for desktop devices, after 7 years of no updates. There has been a myriad of reactions, some positives and a few quite angry as well. Truth is, after 7 years people got used to the platform design, however, those who work in social media related jobs know that change is the only constant and that they need to adapt to whatever comes their way.

  • New Twitter 2019 Layout

  • Old Twitter since 2012

What changed?

According to Twitter, what happened was a “simplification” and an easier passage between the mobile and desktop service. Twitter now offers various features, like bookmarks, the dark mode, etc, however, despite all these good things, users aren’t very fond of the display itself since they can be distracting from the timeline, which should be the focus of the website.

  • New Twitter UI

Now you can customize your background to your liking. Twitter lets you choose the background color and font size and colors. 

  • New Twitter customization menu


Font size: You now have four font size options. All of your text will now appear in the font size of your choosing, so try them all out and pick the one that suits you better. 

Color: You can choose yellow, pink, purple, orange, green or you can stick with the usual Twitter blue.This will change the color of links, Home, Tweet and Follow buttons.

Background: You have now three background options to choose from. There’s the original white background (default), a gray background (dim) or you can have it completely black (lights out aka dark mode).

The site also features an expanded, more inbox-like Direct Messages screen where you can view and respond to conversations in one place, unlike the old layout where, when choosing a convo you couldn’t see the other ones.

  • New Twitter DM’S

  • Old Twitter DM’S

There are also some changes to the usual “What’s happening?”, the tweet compose feature, now include photo, GIF, poll or emoji all in the bottom left, being that the location button wasn’t used that much so they swapped it for the emoji one.

  • New Twitter “Tweet Post”

  • Old Twitter “Tweet Post”

To keep up with all the new updates. Search got one too.Now you have tabs for moving between “Top,” “Latest,” “People,” “Photos” and “Videos” at the top of the screen, with Advanced Search Filters to the right.

  • New Twitter “Search”

  • Old Twitter “Search”

Impact on Twitter Business Accounts

Twitter is supposed to help people find information that is relevant to their interests in a quick and easy manner. This layout benefits business profiles, since most of these accounts are managed on desktop and this site didn’t have the most user-friendly interface. Business accounts can now take advantage of a much more simple and clean design.

Final Thoughts 

Change is the only constant in life, and only those who adapt can overcome the challenges life gives us. A career in social media is one of the most mutable ever, you should try to adjust to this new format and find out its strengths and positive qualities, instead of dwelling in the past.


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